Decision guidance for automated sorting of sheet metal parts

In practice, the sorting of sheet metal parts after the laser cutting process is still mainly done by hand. Robotics and automation solutions promise relief for this unergonomic activity. In the webcast, Philipp Buff and Fabian Gries from Remmert give an overview of the challenges, influencing factors and technical solutions.


What you can expect in the webcast (duration 13 min)

  • Advantages and disadvantages of manual sorting
  • How automation can improve the ergonomics of manual work
  • A look into practice: manual and automatic sorting in comparison
  • Application recommendations for the use of automation and robotics
  • Overview of available robotics solutions on the market

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"Automatic sorting will never replace employees 100%. It's important to understand where automation is reliable and where humans need to step in."

Fabian Gries
Product Manager
Remmert GmbH

"The shortage of skilled workers is forcing companies to automate further. The automatic sorting of sheet metal parts is thus one of the supreme disciplines."

Dr. Philipp Buff
Head of Industrial Services
Remmert GmbH