Space-saving storage and efficient handling of sheet metal in formats up to 4020

Sheets in 4020 format are becoming more and more interesting for sheet metal processors and steel traders. In the webcast, Fabian Gries and Tobias Thümer from Remmert describe the reasons for the trend as well as requirements and possibilities for space-saving storage of sheets in format 4020 combined with 3015.


This is what you can expect in the webcast (duration 8 min)

  • Reasons for the 4020 sheet format and handling challenges
  • Trends in sheet metal procurement and storage
  • 400% more storage space: comparison of floor storage vs. tower rack system
  • 30% space savings with combined storage 4020 + 3015 sheets

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"You can already see a trend that more production is being brought back and there is also a trend again towards greater stockpiling of sheet metal."

Fabian Gries
Product Manager
Remmert GmbH

"We have generated about 400% more storage space in the same area because we can naturally utilize the height of the hall. This has also enabled us to gain so much space that we can also bring in a second laser."

Tobias Thümer
Area Sales Manager
Remmert GmbH