Maximum Automation of Laser Cutting Processes - this is how it works

The efficiency of laser cutting processes depends largely on the material flow upstream and downstream of the laser cutting machines. Marius Maskos and Frank Baudach from Remmert describe the maximum degree of automation - from the raw sheet to the cut part - and the need for flexible room organization.


What you can expect in the webcast (duration 19 min)

  • Status quo of automation: How far are other companies?
  • Prime example of a highly automated laser center: from incoming goods to palletizing of cut parts.
  • Flexible space planning: How automated guided vehicles (AGV) solve the space problem in grown structures.
  • Automated guided vehicles: Automated material flow throughout production operations, with three practical use cases.

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"Automated guided vehicles can really future-proof existing plants that are already in place. Combined with our great strength, the creation of interfaces between various suppliers, we offer a solution to simply use existing systems for expansions without conversions in the future."

Marius Maskos
Product Manager
Remmert GmbH

"Such fast machines that exist today can practically no longer be operated economically without automation. And this productivity of laser technology can only be increased with logistics, with automation and, of course, in full three-shift operation."

Frank Baudach
Head of Sales D-A-CH
Remmert GmbH